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NEW LINES #1 - 28.11.2016

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Cat. No. Description Retail  


New Pedals from MXR


MXR - Micro Amp+.
For more than 20 years, the MXR Micro Amp has been a staple among the world’s top artists because of its ability to boost and sweeten up your guitar or bass tone and drive the front of your amp. The Micro Amp+ builds on that classic pedal with EQ controls and other upgrades that take this powerful boost box to the next level. Its gain knob allows you to dial up just as much gain as the original - up to +26dB - but now with added EQ controls, you can now finely sculpt your boosted signal. For the classic Micro Amp sound, set the bass and treble controls to noon. Additionally, the Micro Amp+ now comes equipped with low-noise op amps - so you don’t get any extra noise at super high levels. True hardwire bypass. Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (ECB003).

$249.00 *


MXR - - Double-Double™ Overdrive.
The MXR Double-Double Overdrive serves up two classic overdrives in a single housing. Changing between the two is as simple as a flick of the Lo/Hi switch: the low gain circuit belts out rich, fiery midrange tones while the high gain circuit kicks up the gain and emphasizes highs and lows. Use the treble and bass controls to season your overdriven sound and then crank the level and drive controls to turn the heat up to your liking. True hardwire bypass. Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (ECB003).

$269.00 *


MXR - Script Dyna Comp® Compressor.
Like the Phase 90, this little red gem is a legend among its kind. It’s famous for its first-rate, no-nonsense approach to tightening up your guitar signal and creating rich, full-bodied sustain. The pedals produced in the mid-70’s are particularly prized for their unique sound and performance. Combine that old school sound with a couple of upgrades for modern gigging convenience. Spec’d from our own 1976 Dyna Comp, this pedal is built around the rare CA3080 “metal can” integrated circuit, which yields quieter operation, great transparency and increased dynamic range. Thanks to its bypass status LED and AC power jack, you can put this pedal right on your board without worrying about whether the pedal is on or about to lose power. Hardwire bypass. Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (ECB003).

$295.00 *



JIM DUNLOP - - 12 Pick Variety Pack - Light/Medium.
The ideal pick pack if you’re looking to try out a selection of picks. Each pack contains one each of Dunlop’s most popular light/medium picks: Tortex: 60TOR & 73TOR, Gator Grip: 58GAT & 71GAT, Nylon Greys: 60GRY & 73GRY, Nylon Grey Max Grip: 60MAX & 73MAX, Shell Classic Celluloid: 483T & 483M, Ultex Standard: 60ULT & Ultex Sharp: 73USH. 12 in a display bag.



JIM DUNLOP - 12 Pick Variety Pack - Medium/Heavy.
As above but Medium/Heavy pack containing: Tortex: 88TOR & 10TOR, Gator Grip: 96GAT & 114GAT, Nylon Greys: 88GRY & 10GRY, Nylon Grey Max Grip: 88MAX & 114MAX, Shell Classic Celluloid, 483H, Ultex Sharp: 90USH & 114USH and Nylon Jazz III: 138JZN. 12 in a display bag.


New Hangman Pick Display


JIM DUNLOP - Hangman 2016 Display for Players Packs.
Black wire self-service pick display unit. Wall mounting. 24 rack hooks. Consists of:

  • 12 Players Packs (containing 12 picks) on each hook of the 6 gauges of Nylon Greys and Tortex Standards.
  • 2 gauges of Gator Grip (.71 .96mm);
  • 3 gauges of Nylon Max Grip (.60 .73 .88mm);
  • 2 gauges of Shell Classic Celluloid (Medium and Heavy).
  • 2 gauges of 12 Pick Variety Packs (JPVP101 & JPVP102)
  • Total 252 Players Packs.

In addition: 12 Players Packs (containing 6 picks) on each hook of the two best selling gauges of Nylon Jazz (JP5BS & JP5RN) - Total 24 Players Packs.

In addition: 12 Players Packs (containing 4 picks) on each hook in: Large Shell Thumb & Finger picks (JPTFLS) - Total 12 Players Packs.

The total display is: 288 Players Packs, containing 3,216 picks.
Total retail price: $2,529.60
Hangman Stand: No Charge.


New Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Strap from JIM DUNLOP


DiMARZIO -Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Strap.
Commemorating one of the most influential guitar players in music history. Jim Dunlop has partnered with Authentic Hendrix LLC to create a strap that embodies the master guitar player’s visionary spirit and style. Featuring material, patterns and stitching faithful to the original used by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in 1969. 2” wide, adjustable in length from 38” to 65”. Bright jacquard weaving with cream suede backing, black 100% leather ends, high quality chrome buckles. Handmade in USA. Red.

$54.95 *

New Satriani and Vai Pickups from DiMARZIO


DiMARZIO -Satch Track™: Neck.
Created for Joe Satriani. The Satch Track™ bridges the gap between classic humbucker and single coil performance. It tracks pick attack and string vibration quickly and accurately like a single coil, but the voicing is wider and stronger, like a humbucker. The highs are very warm, and clarity is created by keeping the mids and lows tight and focused. Output mV: 245. White.

$179.00 *

New Steve Vai Pickups from DiMARZIO


DiMARZIO - Dark Matter 2™: Neck.
Created for Steve Vai. The Dark Matter 2™ represents a change in direction for Steve towards a more organic, smoother sound with softer highs and less raw power. The sound of the neck model is balanced with a modern voice that works equally well with a clean amp or heavy overdrive. Features the Vai designed pickup cover grille with cut through gear patterns reminscent of a clock. Output mV: 275. Satin Nickel.


DP267F DiMARZIO - Dark Matter 2™: Middle.
Modern, smooth and well balanced matching single coil. Output mV: 200.
Satin Nickel.


DiMARZIO - Dark Matter 2™: Bridge.
The bridge model has a modern approach that blends clarity and warmth while avoiding both mud and shrillness. It shines with everything from pristine clean to massive overdrive. Features the Vai designed pickup cover grille with cut through gear patterns reminiscent of a clock. Output mV: 330. Satin Nickel.


  Note: The Dark Matter 2™ pickups appear in Vai’s new signature JEM Woody guitar and are only available in F spacing.    

New Carson 30ft Instrument Cables


CARSON - Rocklines -
30 foot noiseless cable. 7mm O/D. Straight to straight heavy duty satin chrome connectors with gold shafts. Black.

$24.95 **


CARSON - Rocklines
As above but straight to right angle connectors.

$24.95 **

New VIC FIRTH Essentials Stick Bag


VIC FIRTH - Essentials stick bag
When less is more, this is the stick bag for you. Designed to hold four to five implements such as sticks, brushes, rutes and mallets - the essentials! The bag features a hook-and-strap system, which allows for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare and fits neatly into the bag when not in use. An internal pocket and elastic drum key loop make the bag complete! In durable, water resistant nylon. H = 19”, Open Width = 8¼”. Red.


New VIC FIRTH T-shirts


VIC FIRTH- T-shirt.
Vic Firth Perfect Pair logo.
Black. Small.


TEE50M VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but medium. $34.95**  

TEE50L VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but large. $34.95**  

TEE50XL VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but x-large. $34.95**  


VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but xx-large.




VIC FIRTH - T-shirt.
Vic Firth Flag logo.
Black. Small.


TEE51M VIC FIRTH - T-shirt.As above but medium. $34.95**  

TEE51L VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but large. $34.95**  

TEE51XL VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but x-large. $34.95**  


VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. As above but xx-large.




VIC FIRTH - T-shirt. Live to Play logo.
Charcoal. Small.


TEE52M VIC FIRTH -T-shirt.As above but medium. $34.95*  

TEE52L VIC FIRTH - T-shirt.As above but large $34.95*  

TEE52XL VIC FIRTH - T-shirt.As above but x-large. $34.95*  

TEE52XXL VIC FIRTH - T-shirt.As above but xx-large. $34.95*  

MXR & Crybaby Banners


DUNLOP - “MXR 40th Anniversary” Banner.
(36" x 18").



DUNLOP - "MXR 40th Anniversary” Banner.
As above but Large (48" x 24").



DUNLOP - “Crybaby Promo” Banner.
(48" x 24").


MXR & Crybaby Banners


MAHALO - “Ukulele Island” Poster. (57cm x 42cm).


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