• 6 Ply 7.5mm Birch/Kapur Shells
  • Classic Session Sizes
  • Opti-Mount Tom Holders
  • High Gloss Lacquer
  • Matching Finish Bass Drum Hoops
The Session Studio Classic follows the original Session “recipe” with blended Birch and Kapur shells, recreating the classic “Session sound” of strong attack and projection with outstanding lows and punch that you can feel. The reinvented SSC are finished in the same gorgeous high-gloss “31 step” lacquer finishes that are featured on Masters, Reference and Masterworks. Choose from dazzling finishes including Piano Black, Vintage Copper Sparkle, Sequoia Red, Sheer Blue, Antique Ivory, and Matte Liquid Amber.
The available Session Studio Classic snare drums feature Super Hoop II hoops for outstanding rim-shots and cross-stick effects while still providing excellent “openness” and resonance. Three shell packs and individual components are available in shorter depths, in order to achieve a “shorter” note and quicker response.