About Pearl Drums Australia

Pearl – The Beginning, The Heritage, The Vision

Pearl Percussion Product’s monumental success can be traced back through a heritage of dedication to quality and value for over 63 years. Founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa on April 2, 1946 in a small shack in Tokyo, Pearl Percussion Products started out as a music stand manufacturing business with the ultimate goal … “to be a major manufacture of all percussion products.”
By 1960, after steady growth, the Rock & Roll revolution hit world-wide and the demand for drums exploded almost overnight. Katsumi’s eldest son, Mitsuo, had already joined the company after completing university. With a vision for the future, a 165,000 square foot factory was built to address the fast-growing demand for percussion products.

In 1965, under Mitsuo’s leadership, a three-phase, long range plan was created to establish the company future direction.

Firstly, to upgrade manufacturing to produce the highest quality products to meet the demands of all professionals. To create a high-tech Research and Development team with the ultimate goal of leading the company towards “Total percussion”.

Secondly, to invest heavily in automated machinery within the Japan factory and instigate an expansion program to establish additional factories in Taiwan. This investment would assure Pearl products of “Total Quality Control” in all product categories, through the development of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. There is no doubt that Mitsuo’s advanced thinking and foresight is the main reason for Pearl’s unbeatable position today.

And thirdly, to strengthen the company’s worldwide distribution through a concentration on distributor, dealer and customer service at all levels.

In 2011, Pearl celebrated its 65th Anniversary and over these years has grown to become the largest drum company in the world with eight subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan, China, the United States and The Netherlands.

With over 650 employees working towards a common goal and the dedication of the founding Yanagisawa family, Pearl is considered the leader in product innovation, artist recognition, and quality standards throughout its drum sets, marching percussion, drum heads, orchestral percussion and Pearl Percussion product lines.

Australasian Music Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Pearl Percussion Products within the Australian market.