About Valencia Guitars

The Valencia brand name was created in 1972 in Melbourne, Australia by two music industry legends: Dutchy (Geoff) Turner and Lou Toppano. They began selling Valencia guitars in Toppano’s Music Store in Melbourne and distributed Valencia guitars to other Australian music stores through their Toppano wholesale business.

In 1978 upon the retirement of Dutchy & Lou the wholesale division was sold to Metcalf Wholesale. Dutchy continued working part-time in the industry for Metcalf’s and for an emerging, new wholesaler: Australasian Music Supplies (AMS).

In 1984, AMS purchased a controlling interest in Metcalf Wholesale and merged it and the Valencia brand into the AMS business. In 1986 AMS purchased the remainder of Metcalf Wholesale, giving AMS 100% ownership of the Valencia brand name.

From 1984 Valencia guitars were produced in Korea by Samick Musical Instruments, the largest guitar manufacturing plant in the world at that time and as a result the Valencia brand and guitar sales grew at an enormous rate.

By the late 80’s, manufacturing of high quality, entry level Classic guitars in Korea became cost prohibitive, so in 1989, Valencia production was moved to two separate manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. During this time Valencia guitars enjoyed continued sales growth in the Australian market and expanded its production into new ranges of acoustic, electric and bass guitars under the Valencia brand name.

However a short time later it was decided that the Valencia brand should be exclusively used for Classic guitars only.

In 1996 AMS formed a strategic alliance with 6 industry colleagues from Asia to investigate the then emerging Chinese manufacturing market for musical instruments and accessories. As a result a company, Team International (China) Co. Ltd., was established by the group for the specific purpose of sourcing manufacturers and factories in China and working with them to develop quality products for the world market.

The success of this venture into China was enormous and today Team International has 53 employees of which 18 are full time inspectors who spend most of their working time at our factories quality controlling all products.

By late 1997 the quality and price of Classic Guitars from China had improved to the point where it met with Team’s stringent quality standards, so a decision was made to move the Valencia brand to its third country of manufacture – China.

In 1998 at Team International’s Shareholders Annual Meeting, a fellow shareholder noted the huge quantities of Valencia Guitars going into the Australian market and a request was made to use the brand name for his own distribution company in Taiwan. Within one hour of this request, the Valencia brand was destined for the world market – the Valencia brand was licensed to Team International to sell into world markets (other than Australia of course!!).

Today Valencia Guitars are sold in over 60 countries around the world and distributed by many of the largest wholesalers in their respective markets. Valencia is manufactured by three different guitar manufacturers in Southern China and quality control in these factories is overseen by Valencia/Team staff.

Today Valencia is the No. 1 guitar brand in terms of sales volume in many countries and arguably the world. Thousands of music stores around the world stock Valencia as their Classical line. These guitar experts do this only for good reason – Valencia guitars are the best value for money on the market.

Valencia guitars provide a combination of very good design and reliability with high standards of finish
and great sound.

Millions of people around the world have owned at least one Valencia guitar and tens of thousands of excellent guitarists, including semi-professional and professional players, started their musical experience and careers on a Valencia guitar.

So this is what Valencia guitars (the guitar you just purchased or are thinking of buying) is all about – it’s not only the best value for money guitar available today, but it is a serious guitar which will give you many years of musical enjoyment and playing pleasure.

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